Welcome to Bangkok… the city that really never sleeps

Bangkok is the focal point of the South East Asia experience. Every traveller ends up there at some point, it boasts the biggest airport of the region and it connects Cambodia, Northern Thailand and the islands of the south. So this was our first of several encounters with the city. When you arrive at Khao San road (traveller central) during the day you are met with a cacophony of noise, pumping music, shoppers picking up cheap items at the countless clothes, jewellery and electronics stalls, aggressive tuk-tuk drivers, over-friendly tailors and a million different scammers offering anything from cocaine to lady boys. We arrived at 6 am expecting a quiet Khao san road. It was anything but. The party atmosphere was still buzzing and although the shops were closed, many were still downing shots and buckets and drugs and sex were readily available. The only thing we had in mind was bed. We checked in to an expensive hotel by our standards for the sake of our sleepless bodies. The price tag was justified the following morning when we made use of the rooftop swimming pool!

So we went off discovering Bangkok. We got a tuk-tuk costing just €1 to take us to the major sites around the city. The driver assured us it wasn’t a scam and so we set off. What he didn’t tell us was that by stopping off at various locations he got free petrol – these locations being tailors and jewellers. Now many tourists would be angered by such manipulation but Diarmo and I enjoyed it because of our consumerist nature. Diarmo ended up with 2 suits and i bought a necklace for elodie. So as far as we are concerned, we weren’t scammed, we had a great day! So that night we discovered the nightlife of Bangkok.. And we continued discovering the following two nights. And unfortunately what happened in Bangkok must stay in Bangkok. All we can divulge are certain words: paddy, sick roommates, more social experiments, a Toyota corolla, hotel rules and ping pong.

We got a great surprise a few days previously when guy contacted us and said he would be joining us for Cambodia. We met him on the Sunday and he was of course delighted to see his Irish buddies. On our final night, Elodie and Camille returned.. Diarmo was distracted by an experiement and so I headed home early (3 am) to get a bit of a sleep before the girls came. I walked into the hotel with a portion of pad thai in hand and there was Diarmo, a new friend of his and Camille in the lobby. ‘You guys are early?’ ‘Elodie is upstairs!!’. I ran like the wind and tripped several times up the stairs.. Probably woke up half the hotel but I didn’t care!

So the 4 of us went for a 4 o clock breakfast and Diarmo and I had another beer or two. The girls were getting their bus at 7 and we headed back to our hotel realising we had nearly been up for 24 hours. The giddiness exceeded the tiredness.. Diarmo, guy and me got our bus
at 9 and left bangkok, oh but we would return..


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