Bangkok: Our final sunset in Asia

So this was it, back in Bangkok once again but this time it was to leave this part of the world. I remember in the early days of Vietnam we heard stories and tales of parts of South East Asia and advice on where to go. Now Diarmuid and I are the masters of this part of the world and if I could offer anyone at home advice on travelling here the main thing I would say is ‘Just do it – it really is an experience of a lifetime’.

We met Kylo and Charlie who were just back from their Laos trip and we enjoyed our last 48 hours in Asia (with a few pints of course). We also picked up a few bits and pieces and enjoyed the low prices while we could! On our last night at around 3 am, the rain began to pour in the city. Diarmo embraced it however and went around Khao San road asking Tuk-Tuk drivers if they had a flux-capacator and if they could get to 88 miles per hour. Each of them looked at him with very confused faces, I doubt they have seen ‘Back to the Future’. Being the good fellas we are, we then walked around with a bag of very worn clothes in search of a homeless person would might benefit from them. We returned at 5 am after finding none. Ah it’s the thought that counts. We headed to the airport on Tuesday morning and Diarmo and I felt very strange. It felt like we were leaving home again and this had become our new home away from home. We really didn’t want to go… However Australia turns out, this has been the trip of a lifetime.

Diarmo may not be much of a blog writer but my God he can put together words and phrases that defined our trip…

Casinos, Night races, Money loss, Night trains, Drugs, guns & hookers , Kayaking, Caving, Private island, Tailored suits, Ozzies, Drug dealers, Buckets, Brazzers, Swedish girls, French girls, Sand dunes, Quick sand, War museums, Agent orange, Boring capitals, Epic scenery, Tubing, Americans, New Zealanders, More buckets, Free buckets, Flying foxes, Temples, Germans, Elephant riding, Caves, Waterfalls, Local willages, Detox part I, Zip lining, Tree houses, Tigers, Thai boxing, White water rafting, Massages, Haggling, Snake farm, Dog threesomes, Night safari, Dancing elephant, Roof top pools, Kho San road driving, Cock blocking, Sunrise temples, Dinner stealing children, Free beer, Long island ice tea breakfasts, Isrealis, Swedish, Pool parties, Torture prisons, Border wars, Beer towers, M-150, Samgsong, More isrealis, Some irish, Social experiments, Full moon party,  Nocturnal creatures, Body paint, Memory loss, Fire dancers, Fish attacks, Snorkling, Detox part II, Private beach, Crystal clear waters, Tuk tuks, Missing passports, Flying fish, Mossys, Bamboo rafting, Angry elephant, Ping pong show, Militia, Alter egos, Ladyboys, Hammocks, Fainting, Sharks, Nocturnal activities, Even more memory loss….Good luck south east asia……..Hello Austrailia!


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